Social Media Packages for UAE

Launching a new venture or aiming to elevate your brand’s online presence in Dubai and across the UAE? Our tailored social media services packages are crafted to meet your unique needs, ensuring your brand shines on the digital stage. Whether you’re a startup seeking to carve out your niche, a growing business ready to amplify your reach, or an established brand looking to dominate the digital landscape, we’ve got you covered.

Introducing Our Tiered Social Media Packages:

Social Presence – Perfect for small businesses and startups, this package offers basic account setup, content creation, engagement, and monthly analytics to establish your online footprint.

Engage & Grow – Designed for medium-sized businesses, this package ramps up your digital presence with enhanced content, active engagement, influencer collaborations, and comprehensive analytics.

Strategic Influence – Aimed at established brands, this premium package delivers a full-spectrum strategy with advanced content, proactive community building, strategic partnerships, and detailed analytics for unparalleled digital dominance.

Each package is customizable, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your brand’s objectives and budget. From crafting captivating content to leveraging cutting-edge analytics, we’re here to help you make a lasting impact on social media. Let’s elevate your brand together in the vibrant digital ecosystem of the UAE.

Our Packages

Starter Package

Social Presence

Small businesses and startups looking to establish their presence online.

  • Social Media Account Setup: Creation and optimization of profiles on 2-3 key platforms (e.g., Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn) relevant to the business’s target audience.
  • Content Creation & Scheduling: 8-10 custom posts per month, designed to align with brand identity and goals.
  • Basic Engagement: Responding to comments and messages, managing up to 2 engagement sessions per week.
  • Monthly Analytics Report: Basic insights into follower growth, engagement rates, and top-performing content.

Tailored based on specific needs

starting from

AED 975/month.

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Growth Package

Engage & Grow

Medium-sized businesses aiming to expand their reach and engagement.

  • Multi-Platform Management: Managing profiles across 3-4 platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter or Snapchat, depending on the target audience.
  • Enhanced Content Creation: 15-20 custom posts per month plus weekly Stories/Reels to increase engagement.
  • Active Engagement: Daily engagement sessions, including comments, messages, and community management.
  • Influencer Collaboration: Coordination of 1-2 influencer partnerships per month to expand reach.
  • Advanced Analytics & Insights: Comprehensive monthly report with insights on audience behavior, campaign performance, and recommendations for optimization.

Tailored based on specific needs

starting from

AED 2,050/month.

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Premium Package

Strategic Influence

Established brands and businesses seeking to dominate their space on social media.

  • Comprehensive Platform Coverage: Full-service management across all relevant social platforms, including niche sites if applicable.
  • Strategic Content Plan: 20-30 custom posts per month, daily Stories/Reels, and the inclusion of video content, tailored to each platform’s audience.
  • Proactive Engagement & Community Building: Full-time engagement and community management, including the creation of branded hashtags, community challenges, or events.
  • Influencer & Partnership Campaigns: Strategic influencer collaborations and partnership campaigns designed to maximize reach and impact.
  • Detailed Analytics & Strategic Review: In-depth monthly analytics, including ROI analysis, competitor analysis, and strategic advisory for ongoing optimization.

Tailored based on specific needs

starting from

AED 6,250/month.

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Customization and Additional Services:

All packages can be customized based on specific business needs and goals. Additional services such as paid advertising management, SEO integration for social content, and creative video production can be added to any package for an additional fee.


Pricing models are indicative and should be finalized based on the detailed scope of services and any custom requirements.

The social media landscape and user behavior in the UAE are dynamic; regular reviews and adjustments to the strategy are recommended to stay competitive and effective.

These packages are designed to provide businesses with a structured approach to social media management, from establishing a basic online presence to engaging deeply with their audience and driving strategic growth.